Survival Of The Fittest

Interactive Dinner

A Guide.

A Taste Of Space hosted a dinner to survive. Part exhibition, part supper club, the guests were asked to interact with each course before they were able to eat it.

Actors as waitresses served the food but didn’t communicate anything to aid the audience. If they were going to eat – they were going to have to figure it out for themselves.


We experimented with how food could promote interactions between people. Each course represented a different phase of an apocalypse.

Survival packs were distributed – things that the audience could choose to take or interact with throughout the evening. A Viagra pill – in case you need to procreate. A suicide pill – if there is no other way out. A single match.

First Course.

The flood. A shellfish broth.

This was fish stock set in a gelatine mould in the letters SOS. Croutons that spelt out FLOOD were beneath along with a selection of shellfish. Hot stock was poured over the top to dissolve the SOS letters and release the croutons, which floated to the surface.

Second Course.

Survival of the fittest. Roast chicken.

Whole roast chicken served with spiced coleslaw and mayonnaise. Without a knife to slice the chicken, the audience had to tear it apart.

Third course.

Sight of land through the crowd. Eton Mess.

A balloon for each of the guests arrived at the table with a pin. Inside the balloons were icing sugar which created a cloud above the tables that settled over the dessert as it was placed on the table, a mountain of meringue with fruit and nuts.


Polly Brown, Chris Newlove Horton, Sophie Cundale, Lorie Trainor Buckingham, Jack Lewis.