Unpicking the Seams

An evening with A Taste Of Space & The Arch Gallery

Setting the Scene.

A Taste Of Space invited 150 people to a four-course dinner in an abandoned railway arch in Bethnal Green. Unknown to the other guests, 40 of those invited were participants in a performance piece than ran throughout the evening.

This event ran for two nights and sold out within two hours of tickets going on sale.

Performing the Everyday.

Leading up to the event we worked with 40 performers to create 3-5-minute performance circuits that they repeated throughout the night. Each of these circuits was made up of everyday actions based on the way the audience would typically behave in a similar situation.

Shaking hands and meeting someone for the first time. Asking someone to pass the salt. Recognising someone they know. Taking a phone call at the table. Asking a friend to dance. Dropping a fork.


Emerging Performance.

Hidden amongst the guests these performers seemed like every other guest at the dinner. They drank, ate, met new people. Only every five minutes they would repeat their circuit exactly the same way again and again again, interacting only with each other.

The guests knew nothing of the performance. The actions were so slight that at first they had little impact. A sense of deja vu slowly built, it became a new reality as the audience started to notice a repeated glitch in the night.

It begins... two of the guests arrive. he takes off his coat and sits she looks at her phone two more people arrive he carries an umbrella a man points to a table a girl chews gum a man in purple trousers has arrived a woman wearing glasses is taken to her table a man and woman kiss a man wearing a hat walks around the table a woman in a pink tshirt looks at her phone a girl takes a photo more people arrive a woman with a green handbag takes off her coat and sits.....now a man coughs a man wearing a cap enters more people arrive a man with a blue scarf points to the tables a woman in a purple scarf wonders where to sit a man in a red jumper sits down now two women wave to one another a man takes a photo a woman in black smiles a man claps his hands a man wipes his brow a man in a blue shirt pours water a girl shows her friend a photo on her phone. They laugh a man wearing a blue jumper reads the menu to his friend a woman in a red coat is taken to her table she returns to the bar. the barman is busy more people arrive. the music swells two women hug in front of the projector...........................oi a man in a red jumper walks across the room an alarm an alarm a woman with blonde hair hugs her friend and again she plays with her hair a man pours water the music swells a woman wearing a zebra print dress points two men shake hands a man in a black tshirt sips his red wine a man in a blue shirt hugs a woman he drinks from a bottle a pop of a cork sounds a man takes a photo a man in a jacket carries a wine glass he takes off his scarf a girl with blonde hair stares and stares a woman in a blue dress picks her nose a man in a white shirt laughs a blonde woman pours wine a woman shows a man her muscles a man reaches for something he has dropped more people arrive a man in glasses and his friend go to their table a woman covers her mouth to laugh a woman cougs and apologises a woman wearing pink yawns a woman with very curly hair acts out a story she mimes fratically a girl in a very bright top looks at the wine bottle she laughs a man picks his nose a woman wearing a blue jumper leaves the room a man wearing a hat leaves the room a man plays with a camera a man takes a photo and another a girl with blonde hair asks the waitress a question two men arrive a woman coughs and apologises a girl in a colourful shirt pours wine the man in the hat is back in the room a woman waves he waves back and she smiles the food arrives a man and a woman shake hands a woman points but is wrong a woman in black sips her wine a woman with a white handbag finds her seat a woman mimes putting hands to her ears a man wearing glasses stares, looks around him and stares a blonde woman gestures that she wants more wine a woman in black fiddles with her ears more food arrives a man in blue goes to the bar a woman in pink plays on her phone. people eat a woman stands in the middle. a woman drops her fork a man laughs and spits by mistake people eat the food. the barman scratches his beard a man in a red jumper pours water a man and woman dance a man licks his knife a group of friends raise their glasses a man and woman kiss a woman drops her cardigan a man and woman hug the smoke fills the room a man wearing a hat leaves the room he takes a photograph of the room and walks through the middles of the tables. he plays with his phone hands in pockets she pointstwo more people arrive. the plates a re cleared. a woman throws her head back and laughs a woman drops her fork a man says i love you a man stretches his arms above his head a man wearing ablue shirt pours wine a man and woman hug. he sits. a man mimes being strangled. a man picks up a chair. the plates continue to be cleared. a woman in black sweeps her hair from her face. she points. a man drops a knife. a man in a red jumper sips his water. a man cleans his glasses. a man points two women hug. a man wearing a hat takes a photo. he walks to the middle of the room. he plays on his phone. she points. they laugh. knives are put down a woman in a grey dress pours wine. a couple dance. she walks to the middle of the room. a woman in a grey dress takes a photo. a woman uses the napkin to remove crumbs. the smoke fills the room. people hug each other by the bar. a man in a white tshirt takes photos. two blonde women come back. they sit. a man in a green jumper gesticulates wildly. a woman in a black dress laughs.she points and laughs. they sit back down. a woman in a blue jumper looks for someone. a woman drops her fork. a woman in white yawns. the music swells. a woman in a brown dress crosses her arms and laughs. two women stare. a man takes a photograph. a couple dance. the kiss. the food arrives a woman is black stares and points. they sit. more food enters smoke fills the room a woman chews. and stares a woman wearing a green jacket laughs very loudly. a man with glasses pours wine. she points. a woman wearing a white jumper asks for the mustard. she smiles.a woman beckons to her friend. a man whispers in a woman's ear. she giggles and hits his knee. he winks. a clap. a woman feeds a man. plates are passed. a man leans across the table and kisses a woman.a man wearing black licks his fingers.a train rumbes by. people go to smoke. a man in a hat walks through the tables. they stop and then go to sit down. the plates are cleared. a woman in pink fiddles with the food. more people go to smoke. a man in blue crosses with two glasses of wine. two people clap a man in a hat plays on his phone. he walks through the middle of the tables. a couple dance. a man gives a woman a massage. a man in a white shirt leans down to talk to a blonde woman. more food arrives. a woman kisses a man. a woman with very short hair pours water. a man sratches his head and asks if his girlfriend is ok. a woman in a blue shirt leaves the room. the music swells. the barman uncorks a bottle. she walks with it. a woman scrapes the plate with her fork. a man smiles and rubs his tummy. a woman puts he coat on and leaves. a man pats another on the back. a woman waves her hands in the air. a man wearing a grey t shirt walks down the middle. the barman is now on his own.a man in red plays with his wine.a man in a striped shirt looks at the screen. He is impressed. a man in red stands up. a woman in a fitted dress walks to the toilet. a man in a black short shirt walks through the middle. a woman follows. a woman is at the bar. she is paying. a woman in a gold coat begins to leave. she left. a woman with long brown hari has her arms around another man - he points at the screen. they rest their heads together. she scratches her head. he waves. he waves again. now he's dancing. he likes this too much. a man in a black polo neck walks down the centre off the room. two men laugh at the bar. a man takes a photograph.a woman bangs on the wall. a woman wearing a zebra skin dress points across the table. and now she points at the screen.they laugh. two men approach the bar. they look around the room. a woman wearing an orange tank top has her lable tucked in. a man in glasses sits down. another man sits with him, he is holding two bottles of red wine. a couple dance. a woman in a blue shirt leaves the room. a woman in a very bright top leaves the room. he friend is left alone and she stares. two women hug and chat over the projector. a man takes a photo of himself on his mobile phone. a man mimes shooting himself and blood pouring out of his head. a woman next to him laughs a lot. that's right. a man tries to get through but is forced to wait. a man wearing a polo neck sits down and joins in the conversation. people wave and shout. a man slams his hand down on the table. a man with a hat sits down and whispers to his friend. a couple dance. a man inspects his wine glass. he asks his friend to look and he points to the spot that's troubling him. he then picks up the bottle and back to the glass. he compares his wine glass to hers. a woman drops her fork. a man wearing a red shirt itches his beard. his friend laughs and cosses his arms. more candles are set. bang a man and a woman play fight. she touches his chest and smiles. a woman leans down and pulls her dress up over her chest. a man reaches a huge distance for the water. a man takes a photo and a woman in blak look very surprised.a woman in stripes is leaning down, talking to a blonde woman in a very bright top. she wears glasses. food enters. the music swells. a woman laughs so much she cries. she wipes them with the back of her hand and continues to laugh. they raise their glasses. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (FRAN?) ?? LOUDER happy birthday x the music swells. the singing stops. a woman wearing stripes talks to the two women, one wearing a very bright top. a woman picks her teeth. she asks a man if she has anything in them. a man wearing a cap shakes a woman's hand. she talks rapidly to a man wearing glasses a woman carrying a brown bag leaves the room. people go to smoke. a woman in a blue shirt takes a bottle of wine. a woman wearing green and grey plays with her rings. a man wearing a hat takes a photo of the wall.a woman wearing a blue shirt leaves the room. a man wearing a hat takes a photo.a woman asks another woman to tighten her top for her. the woman refuses and walks off. people eat and wipe their mouths. a woman reaches for something in her bag. the man in front of her does not help. a man in a denim shirt goes for a cigarette. a woman with glasses looks away and scowls. she plays with her rings. and her jacket. a woman drops her fork. a woman has her arm around a man. the woman next to them plays with her hair. she strokes his head. a couple dance. a woman puts on lipstick and smiles into the mirror. a woman in a glittery jumper rearranges her jeans. a woman drops a fork. uh oh a man dances and, we're back. two women chat over the projector. a woman ducks underneath. she sips her water. edges her way and leans down. and points. there you are. a man claps very quickly in excitement. a man touches a woman's tummy. a man in a denim jacket has just walked in. the man is still stroking the woman's tummy. plates are bing taken. a woman cleans another woman's face with a napkin. a woman screams. the music swells. a man punches the air and grins. a woman wearing black drains her glass a looks around the room. a woman wearing a gold jacket hugs a woman wearing black. wine hold the queue up. a man rubs his head. he stares at the candle, trying to sneeze. a man tries to tell a story but is friend laughs at him. a woman surprises a man. he gets uo to greet her. a couple dance. they kiss the sound of chatter gets louder. a woman wearing a grey shirt checks her phone. she plays with her necklace and laughs. she looks down and laughs some more. a man sips his red wine and spills a little bit over his hand. he sucks it. a man points. a man in a stripey green and pink shirt stands in the middle and hugs a woman. a man takes a phot with his phone. two women chat over the projector. a man in a pale shirt talks to a woman and points. another man interrupts him. she laughs. a group of people hug each other in the middle of the room. the man in the denim shirt like it. the music swells. enter food. a man in a white shirt threatens to dance. a man wearing a cap strokes his ear. he points and leans into the girl he's talking to. enter food. they raise their glasses. a blonde woman pours herself some champagne. the music swells. the barmen play with their phones. a man in a wistcoat giggles. he sits back down in his place and points at his friend. he goes to sit by her. a man in a hat points. they sit down. he gives her a massage. a blonde woman looks. they both look around. she points. yep. thumbs up. a woman drops her fork. a man rubs his hands together in excitement when he looks down at his pudding. a woman looks down her top. she removes a hair from her shoulder. a man comes back to his seat to find it taken. they make space for him. a woman in a grey dress pats her friend on the arm and moves on. a man nods furiously while eating his pudding. a man has hiccups and a woman tries to help him get rid of them. a woman with short brown hair point. a woman wearing glasses puts on her coat and looks around. she plays with her phone. a couple hold hands and walk throuhg the room. they dance. he jumps. they leave. a girl puts on her gold jacket a couple snog. a woman tells another woman wearing a red scarf that she has an eyelash stuck on her face. she makes a wish. she smiles. a man in a blue jumper spills his water. a woman in a purple dress gesticulates wildly. she is told to sit down and does so. plates are cleared. a man wearing a hat leans on his hand. he thanks the waitress. a woman with a red handbag leaves the room. two men shake hands good bye. the man in the denim shirt looks around, up and sits down. they point and sit down. the music swells. people come back from smoking. a man bites his finger nails, looks at them and launches back into conversation. two men pat each other good bye. a couple dance. he closes his eyes and smiles. she walks away. HELLO EVERYONE ARE YOU ENJOYING YOUR EVENING?MAY I HAVE A MOMENT OF YOUR TIME? GREAT A TASTE FULL SPACE WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE WHO MADE 'UNPICKING THE SEAMS' POSSIBLE. TO PETER BUCKINGHAM TO KAY TRAINOR TO SAM TRAINOR BUCKINGHAM SHADY BAJELVAND THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO AND YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT! (LOUD APPLAUSE) TO JAMES COPEMAN FOR HIS RELENTLESS SUPPORT AND CALMNESS TO AN ARTIST IN HER MANIC MOMENTS. (LOUD APPLAUSE) TO OUR BEAUTIFUL WAITRESSES, ALICE, LOUISE AND ELLA. (LOUDER APPLAUSE) TO ANTHONY AND WILL AND THE ARCH GALLERY - FO MAKING THIS HAPPEN IN THIER LOVELY VENUE. LOUD APPLAUSE TO THE INSPIRATIONAL CHEF HOLLY COWGILL FOR COOKING ALL NIGH AND FOR ALWAYS SMILING. AND TO HER TEAM - ELLA COWGILL AND ELLA SPENCER. WE THINK YOU'RE ACE. TO MATT BAKER FOR HIS PATIENTS AND EFFICIENT WAYS AND ALWAYS BEING THE LAST TO LEAVE. THANK YOU. A TASTE FULL SPACEWARPS EVERYDAY SOCAIL STRUCTURES TO REVEAL THE WAY WE BEHAVE AND ALLOW OUR PERCEPTIONS OF REALITY TO BE UN PICKED. WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF THIS EVENING. GOOD NIGHT LORIE JO TRAINOR BUCKINGHAM CREATIVE DIRECTOR A TAST FULL SPACE END

The Live Typist.

Live typing was projected onto a blank page high up on the wall, written by a hidden typist in the venue.

“A man in a white shirt and top hat gets up, kisses a woman and goes to the bar.”

Describing what they saw in the room in a purely descriptive fashion, it was about making the audience feel seen and not seen. A hidden and yet public interaction of small intimacies and moments.

The behavioural impact on the group was fascinating as they tried more and more to be noticed by the live typist but failed.


Seams of Reality.

Unpicking the seams was an experiment into the way we behave and what happens to a group when you start to pull at the strings of what they perceive to be real.