Spacecraft - An Exhibition

Multi-media exhibition – Stoke Newington Arts Gallery, London.


The intention for this exhibition was to create an environment where a sense of wonder and other worldliness was created. The exhibition was lit only by the light transmitted from the work themselves. The only sound being the pulse of a slide projector. The works together conjured a sense of curiosity and unanswered questions.

Sound & Tapestries.

The work took the form of different mediums. Sound installations, video projections, tapestries, light installations… all presenting to the audience a world they recognise but one that has been slightly altered.

A Trap Door.

A trap door beaming light from underneath it, a sound design of the street outside slowed down, a performer’s mimicking behaviour but slightly slowed down.

The exhibition ran for a week including an opening night of performance.


Polly Brown, Sophie Von Cundale, James Drew, Chris Newlove Horton, Jack Lewis, and Lorie Jo Trainor Buckingham, with guests Rave Shahani, Carmel Michalei, Elliot Johnson, Alistair Maddox and Roseena Hussain.