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National Railway Museum.

An immersive exhibition onboard the Flying Scotsman train.

A Taste Of Space worked in collaboration with the National Railway Museum to create an interactive, immersive exhibition on board the Flying Scotsman train. The exhibition was a durational 3D binaural sound piece that allowed the audience to follow six characters through three carriages and seven decades of the Flying Scotsman’s story.

“We wanted to focus on stimulating each of the audience’s senses to really bring the story to life. What did it sound like to be on the Flying Scotsman? What did it smell like? What did it taste like?”

Lorie Jo Trainor Buckingham, CEO A Taste Of Space.

Onboard the Flying Scotsman.

A Taste Of Space worked with the National Railway Museum to research stories and experiences people had onboard the Flying Scotsman over a period of 70 years. We weaved them into a single narrative the audience could follow.

The audience moved through the train, with each carriage becoming the set for a new decade of experiences and stories.


Dynamic Set & Binaural Sound.

Each carriage was rigged with theatrical lighting, dramatic smoke, historical items and real scenes from each decade.

The soundscape in the headphones told the story of each character; recorded in binaural sound, it felt like the characters were sat next to the audience on the train. The exhibition was educational, interactive and entertaining for the National Railway Museum’s audience.  

“We have had nothing but happy visitors. One even shook my hand and asked me to pass on his opinion that whoever put this together was a genius who has restored his faith in museums!”

Jamie Taylor, Interpretation Developer, National Railway Museum