Cupidity Short Film Series – Shadow Dancer and Beauty & The Geek.

Going on to be the top most shared ad of 2013, A Taste Of Space collaborated with RSA Films to create two award-winning short films for Cornetto’s ‘Cupidity’ series.

Working with the award-winning director James Copeman, A Taste Of Space conceptualised the project and wrote the script, assisting throughout with casting and editing both films.

“We wanted to capture that feeling you get when you first fall in love, the energy and excitement it holds. We focused on two key insights; with Shadow Dancer it was about choices and with Beauty & The Geek it was about loving despite the obstacles that may come your way.”

Lorie Jo Trainor Buckingham, CEO A Taste Of Space.

Shadow Dancer.

Set in Israel, Shadow Dancer is about a young woman struggling with a decision to follow her heart to be with the basketball player she’s met or listen to her friends who deem him unworthy.

She decides to listen to her friends but her shadow has other ideas and leaves her to demonstrate what could be if she only learnt to follow her own feelings.

The short featured an original score from the Mystery Jets‘ Blaine Harrison as Hotel Flamingo. 

Beauty & The Geek.

Shot in Istanbul, this young love story sees a pair of quirky teenagers, separated by overbearing parents, brought together by creativity and love. The short also featured an original score from Hotel Flamingo.


  • Top 3 Most shared adverts of 2013.
  • Cannes Lion
  • D&AD Pencil Best branded content as part of the Cupidity Series