Two Sides

Cornetto & Unilever

Worlds First Binaural Cinema & Interactive Film.

A Taste Of Space worked with Cornetto to create the world’s first binaural cinema and interactive film. The film was funded by Unilever’s Creative Excellence fund and was launched online in partnership with Google across 15 markets worldwide.

The binaural cinema ran for six weeks at Westfield shopping centre in Stratford.

“We were interested in breaking the fourth wall to blur the line between the everyday and cinematic worlds. The use of immersive technologies unlocked this for both the cinema and online film, placing the audience in control of the experience in a way that had never been done before.”

Sam Trainor Buckingham, Partner A Taste Of Space.

Worlds First Binaural Cinema & Live Performance.

A purpose built pop up Cornetto Cinema at Westfield shopping centre attracted tens of thousands of people to view the experience.

Half way through the screening, the film juddered to a stop, with the cinema falling down around the audience. The world they were watching on screen transformed into a real life theatre show in front of their eyes.

Climbing through the screen, the audience watched on enthralled as the actors continued to act out the love story, establishing Cornetto’s role as the ultimate matchmaker.

Interactive Online Film.

We shot Two Sides from a first-person viewpoint, and used binaural sound to enable the audience to feel like they were inside the character’s head, experiencing their thoughts.

Engagement throughout the film hit record heights. Users jumped between storylines throughout to create a unique immersive digital experience, bringing new life to the ‘love story’ at the heart of Cornetto’s brand strategy.

First interactive video on a mobile – without an app

Viewed over 95 million times worldwide, Two Sides was the first online film (and still is) to allow the audience to switch perspectives between characters at the click of a button across all devices.

“The results are truly astonishing. We couldn't be happier!”

Gulsu Erden, Senior Global Brand Manager, Cornetto


  • +95 million Video Views
  • 3 minutes 44 seconds Average view time
  • 75% Positive sentiment
  • 3rd Most successful YouTube Campaign in 2015
  • 12,300 Live performance views in London

Throughout the campaign we produced branded assets inspired by the film to drive engagement online. The Two Sides film amassed over 95 million views globally.

The campaign achieved brand uplift of 6% and 75% positive sentiment amongst our target audience. Ad recall was well above industry benchmarks exceeding that of both This Girl Can and Nike’s Winner Stays campaigns.