A Night of Immersive Storytelling

Cook for Syria

Purposeful Film Making.

A Taste Of Space produced an immersive event to raise awareness for the Cook for Syria campaign. The client wished to create a space where stories from the refugee crisis in Syria could be heard and to celebrate ‘purposeful filmmaking’ in general.

We took over the Welsh Chapel in Shaftesbury Avenue in the West End, rigged the building with theatrical lighting and curated a series of exhibitions that brought their stories to life.

“For each piece we took into consideration the experience of the audience viewing them during the installation. If the room was cold how does that add to the experience of viewing the film? Do we want the audience to look up at the film or down? Each of these elements added to the story of each piece.”

Lorie Jo Trainor Buckingham, CEO A Taste Of Space

Making Digital Experiential.

We selected 10 film directors and curated exhibition spaces around their short films by pulling out elements of the films into the rooms where they were being watched. We slowly flooded one room so that two inches of water covered the floor by the end of the night.

We built a refugee camp classroom for a VR short film so when watching it you could feel the props and furniture around you that you could also see in the film.

Plinths & Space Travel.

We built five plinths of varying heights for five films that followed five children through their experience in the refugee camps. In order to watch one of the films you had to lower to the height of the child.

Another film was about a child who fantasised about space travel when she was on her journey leaving Syria. We built a stage that housed a screen in the ceiling of the chapel – so you had to look up to view it.

All of these elements connected the audience to the content and the story. By doing something very subtle we were able to transform digital into experiential. This is never more important than when you are telling stories that really need to be heard.